Our non-prescription pharmaceuticals are sold directly to consumers in the pharmacies of each Nordic country. Several of our products are market leaders in their respective areas. We currently carry pharmaceuticals for treatment of gastrointestinal, ear/nose/throat and osteoarthritis ailments.


Gaviscon® (alginate)

is a very well-established, market leading medication for reflux oesophagitis and heartburn, available in all Nordic countries.


Dimor® (loperamide)

is the leading brand in Sweden for treatment of occasional diarrhoea (“tourist diarrhoea”).


Proibs® (contains a plant extract called AVH200®)

is available in Sweden as a certified technical device for the treatment of symptoms of IBS such as stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation.


Hidrasec® (racecadotril)

is used for acute diarrhea in adults, available as OTC in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.


Nasoferm® (xylometazoline)

is a well-known non-prescription pharmaceutical in the Swedish pharmacies for relief of nasal congestion.


Comfora® (glucosamine)

has, after the launch in 2006 in Sweden, taken a good part of the glucosamine market. Advertising, for example out-door and in TV commercials, has supported the launch of Comfora and our strategy is to give the product a continuing and strong marketing support in order to increase its market share even further.

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