The Nordic Group

The Nordic Group have, since the founding of the Nordic organisation in 2001, gradually expanded its geographical presence and significantly enlarged its scope of activities.


The Nordic Group capitalises on its existing platform of core competencies, products, services and technologies to further extend its current core activities:

  • Marketing & Sales of speciality pharmaceuticals
  • Specialised Pharmaceutical Services


Today The Nordic Group is present in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Benelux, Czech Republic and Poland.

The Specialised Pharmaceutical Services Companies offer a unique combination of high quality services to the pharmaceutical industry.


These services include:

  • Product development, including formulation development, clinical trials and dossier compilation, with a view to generating high quality EU regulatory files.
  • Regulatory support, including MRP, centralised and decentralised procedures.
  • State of the art manufacturing, analytical and other services.
  • EU logistics & supply services.

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